Store Operations Supervisor

Salary : As per market

Employment Type : Permanent, full time

Location : Gurgaon

Experience : 2-3 years

Job Description

Job Position : Area Manager – Assistant
Location : Gurgaon
Experience : 2 – 3 years

Job Description:
1. Managing Store Operations: A Retail Area Manager- Assistant will be responsible for
overseeing the day-to-day operations of each store in their area. This includes ensuring
that each store is properly staffed, managing inventory levels, display standard and
maintaining store cleanliness.
2. Achieving Sales Targets: A key responsibility will be to ensure that each store is
meeting its sales targets. This involves analyzing sales data, identifying trends, and
implementing strategies to increase sales.
3. Training and Development: Will be responsible for ensuring that all store employees
receive the necessary training to perform their jobs effectively. This may involve
conducting training sessions or coordinating with other managers to provide training.
4. Customer Service: Will be responsible for ensuring that each store provides
exceptional customer service. This includes responding to customer complaints and
concerns, and ensuring that each store is properly staffed to handle customer needs.
5. Budgeting and Financial Planning: Will be responsible for creating and managing
budgets for each store in their area. This involves analyzing financial data, identifying
areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to reduce costs and increase
6. Reporting: Will be responsible for providing regular reports to senior management on
the performance of each store in their area. This includes providing data on sales,
customer satisfaction, and other key metrics.

Key Skills
? Good communication skills
? Highly motivated and focused.
? Positive attitude with team spirit
? Team Player
? Quick Execution
? Target driven
? Flexibility.
? Good people skills, Good customer service sense.
? Good at data analysis
? Fluent local language and English.
? Proficient Computer skills (MS Office, user level).

Interested Candidates, please share CVs on
You can also reach on the following contact number : 7304564826