5 Most Value for Money Things You Can Buy From MINISO

I’m an avid shopper where I can score home and lifestyle necessities at a steal. When MINISO opened, I got really excited because there’s another one to go to in my list! I visited their newly-opened Aerocity branch and hoarded! I’m going to show you a couple of interesting finds in this global  fast fashion brand!
To me, in terms of pricing and quality; MINISO’s products are chic, sleek yet approachable, and priced just right that everyone can afford them. Most people go to MINISO to buy phone accessories, household items or beauty products. But before you pick up a basket and go crazy buying thermos flasks and makeup sponges because OMG SO CHEAP here is list of 5 most value of money things which i think you can buy over there are:

1. Perfumes

They look so classy and pricey! These are perfect holiday gifts for your mom, sister, aunt, best friends, or girlfriend!

2. Stylish bags

From backpacks to shoulder bags to pouches – there are plenty of options to choose from. Their bags and backpacks are super impressive. The designs and colours are in that perfect sweet little spot between classic and trendy, and the stitching and material are also of surprisingly of high quality. You get lot more than what you’d normally expect.

3. Plushies

They’re super soft, cute and snugly. Whether treating yourself to one, or shopping for a gift, it’s hard to just bring home one plush toy!

4. Neck pillows

Time to get cozy and relax with one of MINISO’s many pillow options. From cute and cuddly to one of their popular U-shaped neck pillows, MINISO will help you achieve the Danish concept of “hygge” (cosiness) in your life.

5. Water Bottles

Drinking water never looked so stylish. Stay hydrated with MINISO’s signature glass water bottle wrapped in soft silicone, from bright neons to muted hues. Adorable, convenient and fits in most cup holders!

They have tons of other stuff in categories across household items, textiles, cosmetics & skincare and fashion but that will need another article or two. There are so many interesting finds in MINISO and stocks run out fast – by the time I got there, all of most products were already sold out! Will definitely have to come back again and hopefully catch the new stocks.