MINISO Global Fan Fiesta Sparks a Shopping Frenzy!

We all love a good bargain, don’t we? It’s thrilling! What is it that excites us so much? Is it because we feel we’re saving money? Or is it because we love the idea of getting something for less money than it is worth? Or do we just like the idea that we’ve paid less than somebody else? Whatever it is that pushes the customers’ buttons, bargains are big business!

Everyone likes a few bobs here and there… Even if you’re not planning a doorbuster run, there’s no escaping the madness around MINISO Global Fan Fiesta! Celebrating the sale of more than 1 crore bags globally, this fan fest brings together all shopping enthusiasts under one roof. The stores have been offering lucrative deals on products including stationery, fashion accessories, etc.


The price drop is to enable the brand to sell off unsold items they have accumulated over the past few months. The sale includes everything from bags to accessories, which have yet to be snapped up.  But that is not all, slashed prices also hit stationery items, flip flops, tools & hardware, etc.

With Global Fan Fiesta, MINISO hopes to attain a healthy growth in both sales and profitability in India. The fan fest, which was kicked off April 27, will conclude on May 27, which means that you have less than 2 weeks to get your hands on the hottest selection of bags. So if you have the courage to battle the crowd, head over to one of our stores and bag the exclusive items on sale because now is the right time to treat yourself to some shopping therapy!