Hair Dryer

Product Features

  • Double voltage design, can be used globally, perfect travel companion. Magnetic concentrate nozzle, convenient to click it on and off. Small with foldable handle, easy to store and carry. 2 heat modes and wind speeds. Contains automatic overheating protective sensor, safe to use. It has a hanger making it convenient to hang.
    Rated Voltage?100-120V~/200-240V~
    Rated Frequency: 50/60HZ
    Rated Power: 700-1000W


  • ABS, PC


  • Voltage Selection Function
    Applicable to global voltage. The voltage setting was set at 200-240V~, if your local main voltage is at the range of 100-120V~, set the arrow on the voltage regulation knob pointing to the lower-left corner at 100-120V~.Caution: Plug in only after the voltage regulation knob is adjusted to the correct voltage setting.
    Note: Use a travel adapter that meets the certification requirements of your local country or region. The brand shall not be liable for any product damage or other safety accidents caused by the use of conversion adapters that do not meet the certification requirements.
  • Power Switch / Speed & Temperature Settings
    1) Make sure the power switch is at “0” position before plugging and switching on.
    2) Set the power switch to “2” for fast drying.
    3) Set the power switch to “1” for short hair drying or styling.
    4) Easily remove the concentrate nozzle off, to dry the hair for a large area.
    5) Turn the power switch to “0” and unplug the unit after use.Caution: Exercise extreme caution to prevent hair from being sucked into the air inlets. It may cause injury. Keep the hair dryer away from hair at least 15cm. Do not concentrate the airflow on any one area for an extended period of time.


  • Before using this product, read all instructions carefully and keep it safe for future reference.
  • Always ensure the voltage to be used corresponds to the voltage stated on the unit.
  • Use corresponding outlet. Use it separately from other electric appliances.
  • Avoid using this product in the bathroom. In case of using it, always remember to unplug it after use.
  • Do not store it in a humid or high temperature environment.
  • Do not use the appliance for purposes other than drying and styling human hair. And avoid using the dryer on an infant or on artificial hair.
  • Children must use this product under adult supervision.
  • Do not put your hands and other objects on the air outlet/inlet.
  • Keep your hair away from air outlet/inlet.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • For household use only.

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