High-density Bristles Toothbrush ( 3 Count ) Green

1. Big holes, high-density bristles. Holes on the each side are filled with more than 300 bristles. Increase the contacting area with teeth. Cleanses throughly and better
2. Super-fine & soft bristles with diameters 0.12mm, 30% less than ordinary bristles, which is 0.18mm as lightweight as feather. Can cleanse your teeth and protect your gums in an all-round way
3. Soft & non-slip handle. Comfortable grip and easy to operate

Put your brush into your mouth half covering gum and half covering teeth. Press gently along the direction of teeth. Brush downward for upper teeth and upward for lower teeth. All aspects of your teeth have to be brushed. The same area need to be repeatedly brushed.

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