Lavender Scent Diffuser – Essence Imported from Europe

Elegant aroma of lavender essence oil sooths your tired heart and accompanies you to your sweet dream

1. Open the silicon cap in glass bottle and take the inner stopper out
2. Put the silicon cap on the bottle and insert the fiber sticks in the bottle separately
3. Place the product in a stable place and wait for the fiber sticks diffused fragrance
4. This kind of aromatherapy could diffuse the fragrance by means of using aid spread material (fiber sticks)
5. The 3 or 4 pieces fiber sticks will be suitable,you could increase and decrease the fiber sticks and control the fragrance by yourself
6. If the fragrance is weak, you can reverse the fiber sticks or put more fiber sticks in it (More fiber stick swill be waste more aromatherapy oil)

1. Please don’t sprinkle the aromatherapy essence oil on wooden furniture or housing fabrics
2. Please don’t expose it or keep it away from the sun or high temperature place (over 40?)
3. Please don’t eat them, and don’t contact to children’s skin or pet’s skin and please keep it out of children’s reach
4. Wash with plenty of running water or seek a medical immediately if skin or eyes contact it carelessly
5. Please protect it from light before use

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