Mini Moisturizing Spray Facial Steamer

This product utilizes high-technology chip and special vibration technology to convert water into mist of nano scale particles for basic nursing. Easily penetrates the surface of skin and provide moisture for your skin.

1. Unlock, open the water tank cap
2. Fill the tank with toner. Return the cap. ( Essential oil is not suggested
3. Slide downward to switch on the power
4. Spray 15-20cm from the face. It will stop automatically after 30 seconds
5. Please do not hold the product aslant or upside down, which might lead to a failed spray
6. Please shake the body gently before using
7. If the spray mouth gets blocked, please gently wipe it using a tissue paper
8. Please change for new battery in case of low battery

1. Only for skincare
2. Please do not disassemble, repair or transform the product
3. The body (except the toner tank) is not waterproof. Please do not use it with wet hands or try to wash it
4. Please do not use it near flammable objects
5. Please do not use it or store it in a humid place with high temperature
6. Please cut off power and stop using immediately if the product gets extraordinarily hot
7. If signs of irritation or rash appear, please stop using immediately
8. Please keep the product out of reach of children
9. Please do not fill the product with thick or oily toners
10. Do not overfill the product to avoid causing disfunction
11. The product is precise instrument. Please put it in a protective bag to carry
12. If it comes in contact with eyes and signs of cough appear, please rinse with water immediately and stop using the product. If the signs persist, please consult a doctor
13. When not in use for a long time please take out the battery

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