Toddler Nail Trimming Kit

A. Nail clipper: 1. Anti-pinch and curved edge ergonomic design. 2. Onboard spill guard to keep to place clean and nail spill free.
B. Scissors: Round tip design prevents piercing damage.
C. Nail file: Different grit with different coarseness on each side. 2. Heat treated and tempered, durable and scratch-proof.
D. Nostril cleaner: 1. Effectively cleans out any nasal excrement. 2. Rounded tip for enhanced safety.

1. Sterilization needed, alcohol sterilization recommended
2. Do not leave in hot water for prolonged period
3. Rinse after each use and store in the container after drying
4. The nail file is intended for smoothing out the edge of the nail, not to be use on the nail plate

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